Set Kids Place as Default Launcher for Huawei Devices

Huawei firmware does not follow standard android behavior when it comes to replacing stock launcher app. Please follow steps below if you like to enable “Lock Home Button” option (replace launcher app) with Kids Place.

  1. When you tap on “Lock Home Button”option during initial set up process or enable the option from parental control setting, you will see screen below:

2. Tap on “FIX THIS ISSUE” option and you will see the screen below:

3. Tap on home button (center circle icon on bottom) to go to stock launcher. Than from stock launcher start device settings app. If Kids Place blocks this action, first temporarily add settings app as approved app in Kids Place and than tap on device settings app from kids place home screen.

4. Tap on “Apps and Notification” and on below screen, and you will get to screen below:

5. Tap on “Default App” and than select “Kids Place”. You will see a message as shown below:

6. Select “Change” and it will change Kids Place as default launcher and lock home button to Kids Place.

7. If you run into any issues, Kids Place will still work and block apps even when home button is not locked. Optionally you can go to kids place settings > advance settings and enable “run in background” option to run kids place with stock Huawei launcher.

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